Facial Waxing


Facial waxing allows you to experience a flawless skin within seconds and is therefore considered as the most effective method that could be implemented. But since this procedure might cause some side effects if proper precautions had not been done, it is advisable to seek the guidance of a professional Cosmetologist. They will be able to help you in choosing the perfect waxing products that well suits your skin and nurtures it as well.

Merits of facial waxing

Waxing your facial hair can be considered as better option for your skin than shaving. This is because of the fact that when you shave the hair is only cut from the surface and therefore it produces blunt edges. The hair that grows again is stubble and rough, which leaves your sin dry. Thus shaving is best for men and not for smooth skinned ladies. Waxing will remove the whole hair shafts from the roots and allow it to grow more natural looking soft hair.

Facial WaxingFacial Waxing will guarantee a long lasting skin that is smooth and soft. Since the hair is completely removed from the roots it might take some time before it grows once again. Shaving lasts only for two to four days and whereas the waxing option will lasts for at least 15 days. The more you start waxing your facial skin the lesser with growth of hair be, because it totally damages the hair follicle. Thus with every waxing done, hair growth starts shrinking and will give a positive self esteem. This is less expensive than laser treatments as well and thus save money evermore.

Step by step guide for facial waxing

1.    Pick a product

Choose a product that is best suitable for your skin type. Carefully read the ingredients that make consist of natural things such as Aloe Vera, etc. that does not cause any irritation to your skin.

2.    Clean

Once you had chosen a best product cleanse your face with good quality cleansers and then tie your hair back, in order to avoid waxing your hair too.

3.    Trim

Next step is to trim your hair that is over grown before facial waxing. This procedure helps in reducing the pain to an extent.

4.    Heat the wax

Read the instructions given in your method of waxing and tart heating the wax. Avoid using a microwave for heating, because the wax might get overheated.

5.    Test the melting wax

Pour a drop of the heated wax on your wrist or elbow, to check if the dab is perfectly hot. In case it is found to be extremely hot then allow it to cool down. If it becomes more solid try heating it once again.

6.    Apply the wax

Apply the melted wax with the use of a spatula or comb in the correct direction of your hair. Apply enough proportion that allows easy peeling but not too much either.

7.    Strip it

In case the Facial waxing kit comes with a small strip then apply that too on your facial hair. But be swift enough to do this procedure since the wax gets dry immediately you apply, so you might experience intense pain while removing the melted wax from your skin.

8.    Waiting time

According to the instructions prescribed on the Facial Waxing kit you need to wait for 30 seconds to few minutes. Hold the strip’s end or the end of wax with firm grip. And rip it off quickly in the correct hair growth direction.

9.    Stay indoors

Remember to avoid using any cosmetics, soaps or exfoliating scrubs, makeup, or astringents, the whole day. Once you have completed the Facial waxing try staying indoors and do not go outside in the blazing hot sun, which is harmful for your exposed skin. Apply a quality sunscreen lotion before stepping out in to the world.

It is very important that you remain calm and relaxed during the whole procedure, in case you want to avoid making mistakes. You can also make the process a less painful one by keeping an experienced person who has already used the facial waxing before. Do not overheat the ax and also avoid leaving the wax on your face for longer period of time. Good luck!


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